The Only Mobile Spy App Installed Remotely
Only with the Phone Number Since 2007
Use with complete ease just like using your phone in your hand.
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KripKey takes complete control of the device, letting you know everything, no matter where you are.

NO Root No Jailbreak NO Direct Phone Access.

KripKey works on all Android and iOS devices and versions.

Real Testimonials from Real KripKey Users

” I purchased KripKey to monitor my child’s phone use. This helped so much knowing where she was and making sure no predators were involved.”

” I have been using KripKey for the last five years. KripKey has provided excellent parental control.”


To protect your privacy we accept Bitcoin and Monero payments. You can change the target number for free 1 time per month.

Spy Phone Features

$ 350
Per Month
  • View Browser History / Bookmarks
  • View Call Logs & Contacts
  • View Photos & Videos
  • View Installed Apps
  • View Location – Exact location in real time – Street level
  • View Social Media (All apps installed)
  • View Chats (Social Media Whatsapp Telegram…etc)
  • File/Folder Voyager (upload/download/create/delete)
  • SMS (delete/view/write/send)
  • Call Manager (view/delete call logs/make calls/listen to calls in real time)
  • Contacts Browser (read/edit/delete/add)
  • Emails (write/send/delete)
  • Detailed Info (get IMEI/WiFi Mac Address/Cellphone Carrier)
  • Keylogger
  • Remote Eyes (take picture from front/back camera)
  • Remote Ears (listen to mic lively)
  • Recorder {record calls/record video from camera/record mic)


After you have selected a plan and made the payment your order is processed instantly.

We will send the notification to the mentioned phone number in your order and once the app is installed you will have access to the Control Panel to monitor the phone.

Please note that the time to perform can take from 1-5 days.

Since we can’t control the other persons behavior, in rare cases it may happen that he/she will not install the app. We send the notification for up to 5 days.

In case the app is not installed you have the following options:

1. Replace the phone number you want to Spy

2. Replace the app notification for the same number and try again

3. Ask for a refund

YES. We can create and publish any app. Depending on the app there will be a custom fee. Contact Us in order to receive a free quote.

In order to preserve your privacy and to offer an international payment method we accept only Bitcoin and Monero Payments. Bitcoin is an untraceable crypto currency that has been adopted in the last years by more and more companies including PayPal, Wikipedia, AT&T, Microsoft, KFC and many more.

When you pay with Bitcoin nobody can trace back to you, which makes our Phone Spy Solution the most secure one.

Bitcoin payments are instantly, secure, anonymously, internationally and have the lowest fees. Your order gets processed within seconds once you pay with Bitcoin.


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